Is Smartphone Use Increasing Wrinkles?


Technology has taken over our daily lives like never before, with the popularity of smartphones, tablets and all kinds of other devices that put the power of the Internet right in the palms of our hands. Along with the convenience factor, however, come some signs of aging that we didn’t seem to have before. Can cosmetic surgery help to repair the damage?

Technology and Aging

Can all this modern technology be aging us faster? It’s possible, but not because of the additional exposure to computer components. Rather, the increased evidence of aging is due to the new expressions our faces are making from staring at such tiny little screens all day. Specifically, the constant furrows from squinting at our smartphone screens are leading to accelerated wrinkle development around the eyes and between the brows.

Minimizing Damage

There are plenty of ways you can minimize the additional damage caused by smartphone use. One trick is to adjust the settings on your phone to make the text size more visible. Taking lots of breaks and switching over to a computer for more involved work are also great ways to give your facial muscles a rest.

For existing evidence of aging, a facelift can help you restore a more youthful appearance. An eyelid lift will specifically address aging around the eyes, and can be combined with nonsurgical treatments, like laser resurfacing, to help erase fine lines and wrinklescaused by eye strain. Finally, BOTOX® injections can paralyze the affected muscles, smoothing out both muscles and skin to eliminate wrinkles.

With the right combination of prevention and care, you’ll be able to minimize the signs of aging from your smartphone, and slow down the future impact that technology use could have on your reflection.

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