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Back Problems? Your Breasts May Be to Blame

Back Problems

If you’ve been suffering from back pain for years, it may be due to complications related to a larger breast size. Yet, one of the most popular surgical procedures in Orange County is breast augmentation. How do you find the balance between too large and just right?

Individualized Procedures

Our patients often bring in a picture of a nose and request that specific profile for a rhinoplasty procedure. However, a nose job isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of procedure. In fact, you won’t find any cosmetic procedures that are. Picking one person’s nose and putting it on another person’s face won’t have the results you think it will. Every face is different and every nose is different. The most attractive profiles are those that work with all the other facial features to create a harmonious balance.

Similarly, one woman’s too-large breasts may be another woman’s wishful thinking. The best, most natural-looking breast augmentations are performed with the whole body in mind. The frame, the set of the shoulders and even your physical activity level can all be determining factors in choosing your implant size.

Avoiding Complications

With so many breast reductions across Orange County due to back pain and other complications of a generous breast size, how can you be sure that your augmentation won’t cause similar issues? The answer is that your new breast size will take some getting used to, whether they’re smaller or larger. If moving up in size, be sure to purchase bras with the right level of support for your new figure to relieve any pressure on your back. If you’re moving down in size, continue wearing a bra with support to help prevent future sagging.

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