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Should You Combine a Facelift and Neck Lift?

Neck Lift

In San Diego, a neck lift is often combined with a facelift. Many patients wonder if it’s better to combine procedures in this way, or if it’s better to choose one procedure at a time. There are pros and cons to either option, but I prefer combining them.

There are several different types of facelift procedures available, depending on the extent of correction that needs to be addressed. Many patients will combine a general facelift with one or two fine-tuning procedures, such as eyelid surgery or facial liposuction. At my clinic in San Diego, a neck lift is one of those additional procedures often included.

As much as we would like to think otherwise, the signs of aging are not limited to just one location on the body. The truth is, our faces and necks both show wrinkles, loss of elasticity and other features that all add up to looking older. If only one area is treated, this can make the untreated area look even older by comparison. This can make the results of the single treatment look more obvious, or even unfinished.

There is also the argument of combining procedures in order to reduce overall recovery time. After all, why go through the trouble twice when you could schedule everything to happen at the same time, including your healing period? The bottom line is, combining procedures can give you a more complete result, leaving your entire face and neck area looking more youthful and refreshed.

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