Breast Augmentation

Breastfeeding After Augmentation


One concern I hear regularly from my Beverly Hills patients is whether or not it’s possible to preserve nursing capability following breast augmentation. While the early days of breast enhancement surgery definitely hampered breastfeeding later in life, this is no longer always the case.

For Best Results

While no surgery can carry an absolute guarantee, there are definitely some steps you can take to increase your chances of being able to nurse later in life if you choose. Primarily, you need to be open and honest about your wishes. If your plastic surgeon knows in advance that being able to nurse is a priority for you, this can affect some decisions about how to proceed during surgery.

For the best chance at breastfeeding, request implant insertion through the breast crease or underarm. Although the periareolar incision, made just around the outside of the nipple, delivers impressive cosmetic results, this incision placement is riskier as far as milk ducts are concerned. Maintaining nipple sensitivity is also a contributing factor to successful nursing.

Submuscular implant placement, rather than subglandular, is also better for breastfeeding. When implants are located below the chest wall, less pressure is put on the mammary glands. Additional pressure from implants increases the risk of nursing complications.

Ensuring a Positive Outcome

While many women in the Los Angeles area choose breast augmentation in their younger years, if your heart is set on breastfeeding, you may consider waiting a bit longer instead. Augmentation will enhance your appearance at any age, and waiting until after your children are weaned allows total freedom to choose whichever incision and implant placement you prefer.

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