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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Can BOTOX® Give You a Nonsurgical Brow Lift?


Brow lift surgery can help improve your facial appearance by lifting a sagging brow. However, not everyone who suffers from a sagging brow has the time or finances to justify a surgical procedure that may require taking time off of work and away from certain strenuous activities. In my practice, I often see patients who are interested in the benefits of a brow lift but want a nonsurgical alternative.

How BOTOX® Can Lift Your Brow

BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used in such a way to create similar results to those of a brow lift, for a much lower cost and virtually no downtime. For some, this may be the perfect solution.

BOTOX® works by relaxing the facial muscles that create dynamic wrinkling. In the case of a liquid brow lift, BOTOX® is injected directly into the corrugator, procerus and orbicularus oculi muscles which pull the eyebrow down. Once these muscles are relaxed, the brow can resume a more youthful, lifted position for a refreshed and alert look.

The Benefits of the Nonsurgical Brow Lift

Using opens in a new windowBOTOX® for a nonsurgical brow lift is most common among patients who want a quick fix to their sagging brow and don’t want to invest in invasive surgery. The benefits that my patients often cite of the nonsurgical brow lift are a lower price tag, no downtime and less risk.

The Importance of Experience

Although the nonsurgical brow lift is less technically challenging than a surgical brow lift, it’s still important that your facial rejuvenation specialist have extensive experience with using BOTOX® to elevate the brow. If BOTOX® is administered in the wrong place, it may actually contribute to lowering the brow even further by relaxing the muscles that lift the brow rather than the muscles that pull the brow downward.

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