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Cosmetic Surgery

3 Questions to Help You Evaluate New Cosmetic Surgery Techniques

Cosmetic Surgery

As the popularity of cosmetic surgery continues to rise, it’s no surprise that new techniques for time-tested procedures seem to pop up nearly every day. Sometimes, new techniques offer a lower price tag than the original, or promise quicker, better results. But how can you really know whether new cosmetic surgery techniques can be trusted? Here are three questions to help you decide.

  1. How Proven Is the Technology?

    Sometimes, you need look no further than the technology involved. It’s well worth your time to learn a bit about how the original procedure works and how the new technique measures up. For instance, laser hair removal works by focusing laser beams on hair follicles at just the right strength and setting. opens in a new windowHome laser hair removal loses the professional advantage because it doesn’t offer the technological advantage of expert laser usage, making the procedure less effectual and more risky.

  2. Are There Studies or Statistics Available?

    To gain more information about how effective and safe new cosmetic surgery techniques are, it’s always a good idea to search for studies and statistics. Try to find a variety of studies from multiple sources, not only one, to remain as objective as possible, and search on sites like RealSelf for patient satisfaction ratings.

  3. What Does Your Surgeon Say?

    Finally, ask your surgeon for his or her opinion. Plastic surgeons tend to be up to date on new techniques and procedures, and may have some insight that can be valuable in helping you make your final decision. Keep in mind that most plastic surgeons have been in the cosmetic field for some time and have seen many techniques come and go. A surgeon’s opinion should be based on strictly medical and scientific information, so you’ll have an excellent resource for surgical advice.

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