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Kelly Ripa Is a Fan of BOTOX® – Are You?

Kelly Ripa

Many celebrities deny having had any work done (even when it’s obvious!) but not Kelly Ripa. Instead, she openly talks about where she prefers her BOTOX® Cosmetic injections (her forehead) and says she gets them “as much as possible.” While Ripa’s attitude is so honest and refreshing, why do so many other celebrities deny having BOTOX® and other work done?

Aging Is Okay

Every one of us is aging, every minute of every day. It’s perfectly normal. It’s also perfectly normal not to be thrilled with the way your face and body are changing with the aging process. Yet, most of us simply don’t discuss it. And if we do something about it, like receiving BOTOX® injections, many of us are embarrassed or simply won’t admit to it.

Here’s what I tell my patients in Denver: BOTOX® injections are okay. Not wanting to look your age is okay too. Let’s face it, do any of us look at the pictures of celebrities in magazines and think they’re really that gorgeous and youthful-looking naturally? In fact, by not admitting to having work done, they set even higher impossible beauty standards in the minds of the average woman. We feel all kinds of new pressure to look amazing without any outside help from injectables or other cosmetic procedures, because we’re led to believe that it’s possible, and shown photos which seem to back up that idea.

Surgical Truth

As a plastic surgeon, I can tell you that there is only a very small segment of the population which truly ages gracefully. The rest of us fight it tooth and nail, and shouldn’t be afraid to admit it, just like Kelly Ripa.

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