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Are You Spending Another Summer Hiding That Tattoo You Regret?

That tattoo seemed like an outstanding idea when you were 18 or so, but isn’t quite such a source of pride now that you’re a little older and wiser. If you’re nodding along furiously with that statement, chances are you’ve at least pondered the idea of having your tattoo removed. Rather than spending yet another summer covering up your more regrettable ink, why not look into laser tattoo removal?

Removing your tattoo may not be as daunting as you think and, after all, has to be better than numerous summers concealing an otherwise permanent reminder of the folly of youth. Armed with a little knowledge about laser tattoo removal, alongside some expert tips, and you could be saying goodbye to that embarrassing tatt very soon.

Allergies Don’t Mean You Can’t Have Laser Tattoo Removal

If you had an allergic reaction when your tattoo was done, you could still be eligible for laser tattoo removal. When you make an appointment to consult with a certified laser technician, make sure to let them know about the reaction you had so they can assess your suitability. One of the top laser tattoo removal tips is that different types of laser can successful treat different skin types.

Boost Your Immune System

Generally, the stronger your immune system, the more successful laser tattoo removal is likely to be. If you take on board just one of these laser tattoo removal tips, make it this one – the success depends almost entirely on your immune system and, more specifically, how it responds to the treatment. Don’t bother with supplements and products claiming to boost immunity, stick to foods containing Vitamin E and anti-oxidant fibers. Think oats, barley and almonds.

Working with a certified laser technician will significantly boost your chances of laser tattoo removal success, as will keeping each of your appointment.

Stay Out of the Sun

When considering laser tattoo removal, you can’t overlook the potential effects of the sun. After your certified laser technician has done their job, make sure to keep the treated area out of the sun. Aside from the risk of burning, an increase in melanin can hinder the laser’s work and make it more difficult to break up that ink you’re trying to erase.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Your behavior can impact the outcome of your laser hair removal, meaning another common tip involves following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and don’t skimp on the workouts. Oh, and if you smoke, stop now. This all comes back the previous tip about boosting your immune system as much as possible. Improved blood circulation will also benefit the outcome of your laser tattoo removal.

Be Realistic in Your Laser Tattoo Removal Expectations

Be aware that not all tattoos can be completely erased using laser tattoo removal. Some of the factors that can affect the level to which your tattoo fades include placement, age, quality and color of the tattoo. Your results will, of course, depend on your personal circumstances but, normally, the best results are achieved on tattoos closer to the heart, older tattoos and those done by a lower standard of tattoo artist. If you’re considering any laser skin treatments, consult a certified laser technician who focuses on this procedure. As well as assessing your eligibility for laser tattoo removal, your laser center can provide tips on preparation and recovery, while working with you to make coverups and embarrassment a thing of the past.


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