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Laser Resurfacing: Better than a Chemical Peel?

Laser Resurfacing

For those debating between a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing in Orange County, the two treatments may look very similar at first. Is one really the better choice? Which will give better or longer-lasting results?

Both laser resurfacing treatments and chemical peels can be used to reduce the appearance of multiple skin blemishes: scars, sun damage, even wrinkles and age spots. Ideally, both of these treatments will only be performed under the care of a medical professional in a clinical environment.

A chemical peel will utilize certain acids which are designed to remove the top, damaged layers of skin in order to reveal the fresh, undamaged skin lying below. A light peel can help patients look glowing and refreshed, while a deeper treatment can actually remove damaged areas of skin and reduce signs of aging or other imperfections.

Like chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing for Orange County residents can help repair that West Coast sun damage. The lasers used will be of varying intensities, depending on the desired results and amount of damage which needs to be addressed.

Both chemical peels and laser resurfacing carry about the same amount of risk, although lasers tend to have fewer side effects for most patients. Recovery time for more intensive treatments can take weeks, for either laser or chemical applications. Though both procedures can remove skin damage, laser skin resurfacing often requires fewer treatments for permanent results.

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