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Post-Baby Breasts – Renew Your Look

Post-Baby Breasts

While pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life, it does bring changes to the body, including:

  • Stretch Marks: While stretch marks can be extremely difficult to treat, there is one FDA-approved laser, which we have, to treat this problem. With six monthly treatments we are able to achieve aesthetic improvements with stretch marks.
  • Sagging/Deflated Breasts: Breast augmentation is now one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures. If the breasts are not sagging too much following pregnancy, a breast augmentation may be all that is required to appropriately treat the change in appearance. If they do sag, a breast lift, or mastopexy, may be needed.

Treating Stretch Marks

With the modern laser treatment available at our practice, stretch marks can be a thing of the past, regardless of where they appear on the body. Obviously, stretch marks on the abdomen and breasts are very likely following pregnancy, but stretch marks on the hips, buttocks and other areas also respond well to treatment.

Will a Breast Lift Last?

How long the procedure lasts is determined by multiple factors. If a woman is young when she has this done and has multiple pregnancies or fluctuations in weight a revision may be needed later. Outside of these factors, the lift will last.

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