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Your Nose Is Aging Too & Might Need a Refresh

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When we think about signs of aging, we instantly focus on the face. There are forehead lines, heavy brows, crow’s feet and smile lines. But there is one feature we typically give little thought to — the nose. 

If you are concerned about changes in your nose as you’ve gotten older, there are procedures that can restore your appearance and confidence. The best is a nose job, or rhinoplasty.

What to Know about Nose Aging

Can your nose really reveal signs of aging? You bet. As we age, our noses can continue to grow, increasing in height and width. They can even rotate due to bone loss and other changes. While it might not be as noticeable as crow’s feet, signs of aging in your nose will make you look older.

You might wonder why this happens. Your nose is made of bone, cartilage and soft tissue. As you age, you can lose cartilage and bone density, and the soft tissues may lose volume or change shape. These changes can cause the nose to stretch or sag.

There are also other factors outside of natural aging that can change the look of your nose. The older you are, the more likely you are to develop nasal allergies and diabetes, as well as to experience nasal trauma and sun damage. All of these can make you look older. 

Rhinoplasty as an Anti-Aging Treatment

When you experience nose contour changes you aren’t happy with, the most effective form of treatment is rhinoplasty. More commonly called a nose job, it can make significant changes to your nose and help restore your youth. And if you are concerned about other facial signs of aging, it can be combined with procedures such as a facelift and neck lift. 

Rhinoplasty for reducing signs of aging is different than what patients in their twenties and thirties seek. With younger patients, the goal is typically to remove bumps in the bone and make the nose smaller. This improves the aesthetics of the nose, but actually leaves it more susceptible to aging later on. 

When doing a rhinoplasty to combat aging, your surgeon may strategically add volume rather than remove it. They may also reinforce areas of the nose where cartilage has degraded and take measures to make up for bone loss. While the techniques are different, all rhinoplasties are performed with the goal of improving your appearance. Just keep in mind that it takes a while for the final results to show. 

Understanding the Limits of Rhinoplasty

Patients should be aware of the limits of rhinoplasty when addressing signs of aging. If sagging facial skin is pulling on the nose, a nose job alone will not correct this. Instead, multiple procedures will be needed.

Additionally, no treatment for an aging nose will remain perfect forever. After your surgery, your body will continue to age. This means that the same issues can return. While this typically takes a decade or more, it is still critical that patients understand that they will eventually need a touchup. 

Still, if you are unhappy with signs of aging in your nose, no treatment will make as much of a difference as rhinoplasty. 

Your Nose Is Aging Too & Might Need a Refresh
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Your Nose Is Aging Too & Might Need a Refresh
Are there treatments for an aging nose? Dr. Stephen M. Davis of Green Hills Plastic Surgery in Nashville looks at your options for reverse nose aging.
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