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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

5 Impressive Rhinoplasty Results on RealSelf

Rhinoplasty Results

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery commonly known as a “nose job.” The thing with body parts like the nose is that you get what you get, and no amount of exercise or healthy living will change it. Surgery is the only option you have to change the dimensions of your nose and bring it into balance with the rest of your features.

Sometimes the function of the nose is affected, but most of the time this surgery is done to correct cosmetic defects. The website RealSelf has scores and scores of rhinoplasty results and reviews and before and afters that people can browse through. Below is a list of five different types of rhinoplasties you can find on RealSelf.

  1. Bump Removal

    A bump on the bridge of the nose is one of the more noticeable issues that people want to have rectified with a rhinoplasty. With this type of rhinoplasty, the surgeon from your cosmetic surgery clinic reduces the size of the nasal bridge so it is straight and smooth. This helps to balance out the profile and make the nose look a lot smaller. Patients often gain a lot of self confidence with this procedure.

  2. Size Reduction

    When there is no definitive bump on the bridge, but it is the entire nose that is over-sized, some reshaping is often needed as it is made smaller. It has to look smaller from all angles, so sometimes quite a bit of tissue is removed and certain parts are reshaped to conform to the rest of the face.

  3. Asian Rhinoplasty

    Not everyone knows that there are special rhinoplasty techniques for the Asian face. When an Asian patient goes in requesting a rhinoplasty, it is often because they want to add volume to the nose, not remove it. An Asian rhinoplasty may consist of reshaping the nostrils, reshaping or adding to the tip and augmenting the overall size.

  4. Revision Rhinoplasty

    A revision rhinoplasty refers to a follow up surgery that’s done to correct issues left behind after a prior nose job. One example on RealSelf showed a patient that had a deformity in the tip and required a revision with a rib graft to correct it. Sometimes, the revision was expected and planned as a natural part of the original surgery, but much of the time it is to correct a poor result. The first one may not have healed well, or the smaller nose may have created breathing issues that require correction.

  5. Rhinophyma Excision

    Rhinophyma is a condition that often results in some of the most noticeable rhinoplasty surgeries. Basically, this condition creates a large, bulbous nose that may be red or even purple in appearance. It is caused by progressive hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands, and while many believe it is caused by alcoholism, it isn’t; although alcoholism can magnify the problem. This rhinoplasty reduces the overall size and color of the nose, bringing it back down much closer to normal. The surgery doesn’t always completely eliminate the issue, but it gives patients some self-esteem and makes it so they aren’t embarrassed to go out in public.

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