How to Get the Most Out of Meeting Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon

Male plastic surgeon examining a woman's face at her facelift consultation.

The first step in your transformation is your facelift consultation. If you’ve never had plastic surgery before, gearing up for this consultation can be intimidating. However, if you know what to expect from your facelift consult, it should be smooth sailing. Here are some simple tips on how to get the most out of your first meeting with the plastic surgeon.

Go into the Meeting with an Open Mind

Don’t let intimidating scenes from movies and television keep you from your consultation.

For most clients, their only exposure to the facelift plastic surgery consult process is through the media. Unfortunately, these scenes rarely portray consultations in a positive light. If you are picturing the doctor marking your entire face and body with a Sharpie and inducing a nervous breakdown, take a deep breath.

While your surgeon will use a marker to make sure you fully understand what they are planning, they will not mark outside of the area you wish to target unless you express interest in other surgeries. And the goal is never to make you feel poorly about yourself, but rather to help you see how you can achieve your own aesthetic goals.

Arrive with Your Medical History Ready to Go

Plastic surgery is a major medical procedure, and to ensure it is safe, your doctor needs to know your full medical history, including any medications you take — that means vitamins and supplements as well. Instead of trying to remember everything at the appointment and stealing precious time from the consult, take some time before the appointment to think through your medical past and catalog the medications you take.

Remember to include those you take occasionally as well, as sometimes these are contraindicated for surgery. As for your medical history, write down any past surgeries, major illnesses or chronic conditions.

Form Realistic Expectations

Plastic surgery is about enhancing your appearance, but sometimes clients come into their consult expecting to completely change the way they look with a single procedure. It is critical that you go into the consultation with realistic expectations and leave with a clear understanding of what the doctor can do for you with a facelift.

To get a feel for what your results might be, ask to see their before and after photos for previous facelift clients. What you should see are clients who came out of surgery looking like a more youthful version of themselves.

Have Your Questions Ready

Finally, you no doubt have a ton of questions you want answers to. The consult is the perfect time to ask them. Write these down in advance to prepare for your facelift consultation so you don’t forget during the meeting, and if you are struggling to think of things to ask, there are plenty of guides to help you brainstorm. Don’t hesitate to ask questions because you feel they are silly or unimportant. This is your procedure, and you should go into it feeling empowered.


How to Get the Most Out of Meeting Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon
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How to Get the Most Out of Meeting Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Stephen M. Davis of Green Hills Plastic Surgery in Nashville, TN explains how to prepare for a facelift consultation so you get the most out of the meeting.
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