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Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Saline Implants Just Yet

Saline Implants

Since silicone gel implants have become widely available for cosmetic enhancement, women have had to choose between these or the more traditional saline options for their breast augmentation. While the majority of women these days opt to go for silicone, there are several reasons why saline may still be a good option for your breast augmentation needs:

  • Less Expense: Saline implants are slightly less expensive than silicone, which can be a factor to consider for women who are carefully considering the financial costs of their augmentation.
  • 18 and Up: Saline implants are FDA approved for women 18 and older. The FDA guideline for silicone implants is age 22 and up.
  • Natural Filler: While the shell of both implant styles is made from silicone, saline implants are filled with a medical-grade salt water solution that is safely absorbed by the body in the unlikely event of implant ruptures or leakage.
  • Smaller Incisions: Saline implants may require slightly smaller incisions than silicone ones, since they are filled after being inserted. However, keep in mind that we are only talking a difference of a few millimeters in incision length.

Having listed the benefits of saline implants, it’s important to note that silicone implants can offer great enhancement benefits as well. Though silicone may be the increasingly popular option, there’s a reason why saline implants have not gone completely out of vogue—they can still offer a wealth of benefits and natural-looking results that make them worth a second look.

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