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Tummy Tuck

Cosmetic Tourism: Is a Cheap Tummy Tuck Worth It?

Tummy Tuck

The shortening days and dipping temperatures have many people planning on how to spend their winter vacation. While some love nothing more than to stay home and get cozy, others are eager to hit the road for a novel experience. But if your idea of adventure is a tummy tuck abroad, you may want to look at the big picture before you spend your downtime overseas and under the knife of an inexperienced doctor or a pretend professional.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Botched Job

Cosmetic tourism draws countless numbers of people abroad each year with the promise of discounted plastic surgery, but many people don’t take into account the hidden costs of the money saved when they outsource their cosmetic procedures. Tummy tucks performed on the black market or by the unlicensed or inexperienced can prove destructive or even deadly.

In the right hands, a tummy tuck is a highly customized procedure. It’s designed to remove loose, sagging abdominal skin that can result from pregnancy or significant fluctuations in weight. A tummy tuck can also repair and strengthen damaged stomach muscles. It is a major surgery that requires both the skillful care and artful touch of an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Beware the Modern-Day Dr. Frankenstein

Entrusted to the wrong hands, a tummy tuck procedure can turn out to be a hack job, resulting in disfiguring scars or greatly increasing the risk of complications. It’s fine to take advantage of discounts when it comes to shoe shopping or to use Groupon for tickets to a show, but plastic surgery is a physical and emotional investment, and one you should never skimp on. The difference between a well-done tummy tuck and a discount procedure is like night and day, or perhaps more aptly, like Beauty and the Beast.

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