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What Is a Double Bubble Breast Augmentation Deformity?

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures and can achieve very natural-looking, beautiful results. While major complications are rare, there is a risk of developing a few potential problems, whether directly after your breast augmentation or years down the road.

“Double bubble” breast augmentation deformity is one such complication that can occur. Fortunately, there are solutions to double bubble deformity and other breast implant complications, including breast revision surgery. Read on to learn more about what double bubble deformity is, what causes it, and how it is treated.

What Does a Double Bubble Deformity Look Like? 

When breast implants initially settle into place after breast augmentation, commonly referred to as “dropping and fluffing,” the implant drops into a more natural position on the chest wall. In the case of a double bubble deformity, the natural breast tissue drops instead of the implant, creating a bulge of breast tissue under the bottom of the implant that is visible through the skin.

The appearance of a double bubble can be caused by a number of factors, including complications during the breast augmentation recovery process, natural aging, significant weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Double bubble deformity creates the appearance of a second ‘bulge’ underneath the breast implant.

Can Double Bubble Correct Itself?

No. Unfortunately, if what you are experiencing is a true double bubble deformity, it will not be able to resolve itself and will require some form of correction.

However, if you are still in the healing process after your breast augmentation and notice that your implants appear to be oddly shaped or positioned, this may resolve itself as you continue to heal and your implants drop and fluff.

How Is a Double Bubble Breast Implant Fixed?

Double bubble breast deformity can be fixed via breast revision surgery and fat grafting. Several breast revision surgery techniques can be used to fix double bubble deformity, and the exact method used will depend on your specific situation.

When to Consider Breast Revision Surgery 

If you have breast implants and suspect you could have double bubble deformity, consult an experienced plastic surgeon about your breast revision options. Most likely, you would be a good candidate for breast revision surgery.

Revision surgery can also be an appropriate treatment option for other breast implant complications, such as “bottoming out.” Bottoming out occurs when the breast implant drops below the natural crease beneath your breast.

Finally, breast revision surgery can also be a suitable solution if you no longer wish to have breast implants or would like to change the size, shape or position of your breast implants.

There are some caveats to getting a breast augmentation revision, however. Most importantly, make sure you are seeing your final results from your initial breast augmentation before considering a revision procedure. It can take several months for breast implants to settle into their final position after breast enhancement surgery.

Additionally, make sure you have realistic expectations for your revision results, especially if you are requesting a revision procedure to change something about the appearance of your current implants, rather than to correct a problem.

What Is a Double Bubble Breast Augmentation Deformity?
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What Is a Double Bubble Breast Augmentation Deformity?
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