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Breast Surgery Revision

3 Primary Goals for Breast Surgery Revision

Breast Implants

Breast Surgery Revision There are a number of reasons why a breast enhancement procedure may not have delivered your hoped-for results. In some cases, this is due to unpredictable factors during the healing process, while other times a subpar surgery may be to blame. With opens in a new windowbreast surgery revision, women can improve the results of a previous surgery. There are three primary goals that surgeons often work toward during revision surgery.

Resolve Capsular Contracture

Although occurring in only a small total percentage of breast augmentations, capsular contracture remains the most frequently reported complication of breast implants, and is the primary reason why women may pursue breast revision surgery.

After an implant is placed, the body responds by encasing the implant in scar tissue as part of the regular healing process. Normally this is something that occurs without the patient even noticing, but in some cases the scar tissue may become excessive, leading to rigid or even painful breasts. Breast revision surgery can help, either through total removal of the scar tissue capsule or by releasing the capsule enough to allow the implants to settle normally once again.

Correct Asymmetry

Another goal during opens in a new windowbreast revision surgery is to achieve a greater level of symmetry between the breasts. The healing process is not entirely predictable, and some women may find that one breast responded to an implant differently than the other. This can lead to visible asymmetry in breast size, placement, or both.

Resolving noticeable asymmetry is definitely one of the priorities during breast revision surgery. Steps that can be taken to ensure beautiful, even results include changing one or both implant sizes, adjusting the internal surgical pocket or even incorporating an additional procedure such as a breast lift.

Size Adjustments

No matter how much time you spend researching and planning for breast augmentation, it can be very different once you actually have the implants. It’s not uncommon for women to have second thoughts about their implant size, whether feeling that their new breasts are too large or not large enough. Women may also change their mind about implant size, shape or profile as they grow older, wanting their breasts to age naturally along with the rest of their body.

Implants that seemed like they’d be almost too much when viewed during your consultation may seem closer to not enough after surgery. Alternatively, the large volume implants chosen initially may look great in a bikini, but just aren’t practical for your regular jogging routine. Breast surgery revision gives women a second chance for “just right” results that work with their body and their lifestyle.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Going into revision surgery with realistic expectations is a key factor in feeling positive about your results. While many major issues can be improved, others may not disappear entirely. For example, women with asymmetry issues may notice that their revision surgery does create breasts that look more similar to each other, although they will not be identical. As with any cosmetic procedure, the primary goal of breast revision surgery is for significant improvement, not perfection.

The main thing to keep in mind after a less than successful previous breast augmentation is that you are never stuck with results that don’t meet your expectations. If you notice problems with symmetry or capsular contracture, or if you’ve changed your mind about the implant size you think works best for you, you have options. An experienced revision surgery specialist and board certified plastic surgeon will have the right skillset to help you feel confident about your figure again.

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