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Breast Lift Breast Surgery Revision

Breast Lift Revision Surgery

56570290Breast lift revision surgery is not the most common form of the procedure, but the fact is that even after a breast lift from an excellent surgeon, gravity still continues to affect breast tissues and in a few cases a revision procedure might be necessary. Obviously from an unsatisfactory surgeon revision is often a must, and these are probably the most common situations that require follow-up procedures.

Beyond those situations, gravity and aging are probably the most common causes of repeat procedures; and pregnancy and nursing, and weight fluctuations can also sometimes have a negative impact. Even if the sagging is not as severe as it was before the initial procedure, for some women even moderate sagging can be troublesome enough to make revision surgery a good choice.

What Does Breast Lift Revision Involve?

Like an initial breast lift, a revision mastopexy will tighten and remove loose, excess breast tissue to tighten stretched tissues and re-lift the breast mound. Depending on your goals and the skill of your initial surgeon, your revision surgeon may also need to minimize the scars from the initial surgery. Fortunately, even if scar correction is part of the process, for most women a revision surgery is not as extensive as most primary procedures and should involve fairly quick recovery.

Experienced surgeons typically perform breast lift revision by using the existing scars from the initial procedure. Revisionary surgery often a smaller-scale repeat of the original breast lift procedure, but in some patients the revision procedure is very minimal, so the surgeon uses only a part of the initial breast lift scar.

The effects of age and time are good reasons to choose a breast lift revision, but another common reason is breast asymmetry. Sometimes an imbalanced breast appearance is the fault of the previous surgeon, and sometimes it results from factors like breastfeeding, which often affects one breast more heavily than the other. If the initial surgeon was poorly qualified or inexperienced, some women will also choose a revision procedure to correct problems with how their tissues have healed after the procedure.

But in every case, it’s important to seek out a surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (this tells you that the he or she has training in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures), and who has experience with breast revision surgeries specifically. Even if many breast lift revision procedures require only moderate adjustments to the breast tissue, precision and skill are extremely important. Not all surgeons have the expertise to correct disappointing results properly, and it’s imperative to choose a surgeon with the qualifications to tailor the revision procedure to you.

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