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How to Pick Breast Implants that Complement Your Figure

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One of the most common questions that women ask prior to getting a breast augmentation is, “What size implants should I get?” While size is obviously an important factor, there are other considerations that need to go into your decision to choose the best breast implants for a natural look that complement your body shape. Keep these five tips in mind when planning your breast enhancement procedure to optimize your results.

1. Consider Implant Type

You are probably already familiar with the two main types of breast implants: silicone and saline. There are benefits and drawbacks to both types, and ultimately, your choice will come down to your personal preferences. However, your body type can also play a role in which kind of implant may work best for you.

For example, silicone implants tend to yield more natural-looking results for women who are very thin, since they have only a small amount of natural breast tissue to cover the implant. With saline implants, a rippling effect can sometimes occur, which can be difficult to conceal in petite women.

2. Size Isn’t Everything

The size of your breast implants is something that you should absolutely discuss with your plastic surgeon, but it’s not the end-all-be-all of your entire procedure. Simply going for the largest implants possible is rarely the best choice, even if you’re looking for a considerable increase in volume. The profile of your implants is also an important consideration and can have a profound effect on your final results.

Profiles range from low to medium to high, which describes the amount the implant will project outward from your chest. Low-profile implants project the least and high-profile implants project the most. Many women choose medium profiles as a happy medium between the two extremes.

3. Pair Implants with Your Body Proportions

The goal of breast augmentation is to enhance your natural curves and highlight your best features. So it’s crucial that you consider your body proportions before choosing a size and profile of implant. While many women strive to get the coveted hourglass look, you don’t want to end up looking top-heavy or unbalanced if you have a naturally smaller frame and very large, high-profile implants.

Instead, you may want to choose a more modest implant to get a natural look that’s in harmony with your body proportions.

4. Know When to Include a Lift

While a slight amount of breast ptosis or sagging can sometimes be addressed with implants alone, there many other cases where a breast lift with implants would provide the best results. Keep in mind that the added weight of your implants may make sagging worse, so if you are on the fence without implants, you may want to add a breast lift to your procedure to help you get the most complete results.

Your plastic surgeon should be able to help you figure out if you could be a candidate for a combination breast lift and augmentation procedure.

5. Sit Down with Your Plastic Surgeon

Ultimately, these various implant choices are yours to make, but there is a lot to factor into your decision, which can become overwhelming. Schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon to discuss your options in more detail and to get some guidance as to which implants and surgical techniques will be the best fit for your individual goals.


How to Pick Breast Implants that Complement Your Figure
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How to Pick Breast Implants that Complement Your Figure
What are the best breast implants for a natural look? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Kolder of Pacifica Plastic Surgery in Camarillo shares his tips.
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