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Understanding Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

177791600Finding a quality surgeon takes a bit of legwork, and if you’re just starting your search, it’s important to know the biggest items to watch for. I think most women who are considering breast augmentation these days know to look for a surgeon board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery specifically. Experience is the next big “must,” and before-and-after photos are one of the clearest ways to see your surgeon’s skill at work. But this is where the going can get a little difficult for some, because the question becomes: what should you look for in these before and after photos?

Tip 1: Find “You”

The first thing to look for is how closely the patient’s measurements and other factors match you. It’s easy to place top priority on results that match your end goal aesthetically, but try to sort out the photos with patients that match your age and breast volume, before focusing on the “after” cup size, and the implant volume, fill type, shape, placement, and incision type. Knowing what options a doctor offers is important, but the first question has to be: “is he experienced in working with patients like me?” Look at pictures of patients of same age, size, weight, height, and chest width.

Tip 2: Look for Balance

Once you identify a group of patient photos that match your “before,” it’s time to look at the “after. ” Pay special attention to the balance and proportions of the results – is the final outcome in harmony with the patient’s natural shape, or at odds with it?

Tip 3: Watch Timeframes

Also, pay special attention to the timeframe s listed with the photos, and be careful not to be deterred by the appearance of scars within the first few months. Long-term photos should give a better idea of the surgeon’s skill at disguising incision sites, but photos of results during the healing process can still give you an idea of how effectively the doctor’s techniques reshape the breast and support speedy healing.

Tip 4: Consultations Count

Before and after photos tell you a lot about the doctor’s aesthetic  approaches along with his or her skill, so these should match your own idea of beauty. However, keep in mind that your individual breast augmentation results may vary from the before and after gallery shown on the surgeon’s website.

Breast augmentation photo galleries are an excellent way to evaluate your surgeon’s skill, but the consultation is the next step to evaluate how your surgeon can work with you to achieve the results you want. Your needs and goals play a critical role in determining the success of the procedure, so make sure to go on more than just the photos, and find a surgeon who can work with you personally to help develop healthy goals.

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