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SMAS Mini Facelift Advantages

SMAS Mini Facelift

Sub Muscular Aponeurotic System, SMAS, facelift is getting a lot of attention lately as a small-scale, high-impact facelift, for good reason. This procedure is designed to reduce the effects of aging by improving the lower facial area, counteracing many of the most obvious signs of facial wrinkles and sagging. Like a traditional full-scale opens in a new windowfacelift, the SMAS lift is performed under general anesthesia, and helps refresh and lift both facial muscles and surface tissues, improving bottom part of the face and giving it a lift.

But unlike a traditional procedure, the SMAS lift provides smaller-scale results, uses fewer incisions, focuses less on the upper face, and tends to involve faster recovery than most traditional lifts.

A SMAS mini lift might be the best facelift procedure if you:

  • Have a “tired” facial appearance
  • Have facial wrinkles mainly around the lower face and the neck
  • Notice that your chin and neck contours look puffier, saggier, and much less youthful than in the past, and your skin in this area seems to have lost a lot of its elasticity and firmness
  • Notice jowls caused by folds of loose, sagging skin around the corners of the nose and mouth

SMAS is particularly good for people who have severe facial sagging and laxity. The procedure involves tightening the skin and removing any extra skin using a cut made around the ear. At the same time, unlike many much smaller-scale mini lifts, SMAS also helps correct lax face muscles to ensure deeper-level tightening at the same time.

SMAS on its own is not necessarily the best procedure for every patient, and in some cases you might be better served with a more traditional procedure or a combination of different procedures that will help correct wrinkles of the upper face as well. But in many cases the SMAS is the best option to get dramatic results with minimal incisions. Depending on your physiology and your surgeon, SMAS typically last around 5 years; some larger-scale facelifts can achieve longer-lasting results, but in many cases SMAS is a good choice to create impressive results and delay the need for a more invasive approach.

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