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Tummy Tuck

To Drain or Not to Drain with a Tummy Tuck?

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During your search for more information about the tummy tuck process, you may have come across the term “drainless tummy tuck.” More and more plastic surgeons are using this innovative surgical technique to help make your tummy tuck recovery smoother and quicker. In case you’re still wondering about a drainless tummy tuck vs. using a drain, here are a few of the top benefits of ditching post-op tummy tuck drains.

1. You’ll Be Up and Moving Sooner

With a traditional tummy tuck that uses drains, you’ll need to manage the drain on your own during your recovery. Most people end up attaching the drain to their clothing to help them walk around, but needless to say, this can be uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

A drainless tummy tuck, on the other hand, doesn’t use drains, so you won’t have to worry about restricting your movements or positions to accommodate a drain. For this reason, most people are able to get up and moving sooner after their drainless tummy tuck, making recovery a much smoother and quicker process.

2. You Can Shower the Next Day

Another downside to having a post-surgical drain is that you won’t be able to shower regularly until it’s out because the drain site can’t get wet. After a drainless tummy tuck, you should be able to hop in the shower within the next day or so after your procedure.

3. Recovery Is Less Complicated

In addition to being able to shower like you normally would, your overall tummy tuck recovery experience will likely be much less complicated when you choose a drainless tummy tuck vs. one that requires a drain. When you have a tummy tuck drain, you or a friend or family member will need to empty its contents regularly, usually three times each day. The amount of fluid that was emptied then needs to be measured and recorded.

Properly emptying and recording drains after a tummy tuck is a common concern for lots of tummy tuck candidates.

4. Fewer Risks

Drainless tummy tucks also usually come along with fewer risks of complications after your procedure. Because they don’t require an incision through which a drain would otherwise be placed, drainless tummy tucks can help to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

The no-drain tummy tuck technique can alsominimize the risk of seromas—the very thing that drains are supposed to prevent. Even with a drain, seromas (fluid build-up) can happen weeks after your procedure, leaving you with another visit to your plastic surgeon to correct the problem. Drainless tummy tucks can reduce this risk and help you to get back to your normal routine faster.

Plus, no drain means there’s no chance of getting your drain caught on something or pulling at it accidently and causing pain or other related complications.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the many benefits of a drainless tummy tuck make it a desirable procedure for many men and women who are planning their body contouring procedure. Although this technique might add 20 minutes or so to your surgery time, the less time and hassle you’ll have during your recovery can make up for this and then some.

If you’re interested in using this drain-free technique for your tummy tuck, ask your board-certified plastic surgeon about your tummy tuck optionsduring your consultation and make sure he or she has experience with this type of procedure.


To Drain or Not to Drain with a Tummy Tuck?
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To Drain or Not to Drain with a Tummy Tuck?
Curious about the benefits of a drainless tummy tuck vs. drains? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scot Martin of Las Cruces shares some of the top benefits.
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