Tummy Tuck

What to Expect after a Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Recovery after a tummy tuck is one essential part of the process that some surgeons don’t talk a whole lot about. Although preparing for what to expect during the surgery itself is a good idea, you should also be aware of what to expect afterward.

Immediately Following

Tummy tucks are performed under general anesthesia, so the first thing you’ll experience is waking up in recovery. You may feel groggy, tired and nauseous. Although most patients will go home the day of their surgery, some may stay overnight. Even after returning home, patients will need to stay in bed for the first several days.

The incision will be covered by a dressing, and you’ll have drains placed to draw fluid build-up away from the area. A compression garment may be worn to help promote healing. You should expect to feel sore and tender. Discomfort can be managed by over-the-counter pain relievers. Antibiotics may also be prescribed by your surgeon to prevent infection.

The First Weeks

Swelling is very common following tummy tucks, so the results may be hard to see initially. As your body heals and adjusts to its new contours, bruising and swelling will fade away. Scar redness will also face over time, although some patients notice the healing incision looks redder at first.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to have someone at home to help you the first several days, which will be the most difficult. You’ll need to get plenty of rest, so don’t be afraid to delegate and accept offers of assistance from friends or loved ones. By knowing what to expect and following these few tips, your tummy tuck recovery time should go very smoothly.

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