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How Body Contouring After Weight Loss Can Improve Quality of Life

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Losing any amount of weight is a commendable achievement, and losing a large amount of weight all the more so. Whether you choose gastric bypass surgery or lose the weight through diet and exercise, dropping a significant amount of weight takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Yet the excess skin that remains behind can make you feel like you still haven’tachieved your appearance goals, even onceyou have reached your goal weight. That’s where body contouring after weight loss comes in.

The Effects of Excess Skin Go Beyond the Cosmetic

Tens of thousands of Americans have bariatric surgery each year. With so many people achieving major weight loss, body contouring after gastric bypass has become a more common topic of discussion. For most, the concerns over excess skin extend to far more than simply appearance.

Sagging skin can cause a number of issues for a person who has lost a significant amount of weight. From discomfort and body image issues to medical and health problems, there are plenty of reasons to consider body contouring surgery after massive weight loss.

Excess skin left behind after weight loss can take away from your sense of accomplishment.

How Body Contouring Surgery Helps

Body contouring after gastric bypass will be a different experience for each individual, and typically includes a combination of procedures. A lowerbody lift, which consists of a tummy tuck along with a thigh and buttock lift, is common after major weight loss. Many people also choose to have brachioplasty, more commonly called an arm lift,and in some cases, the addition ofliposuction after weight loss can help to further sculpt away unwanted fat that accompanies the excess skin.

The exact procedures recommended will vary from individual to individual. Therefore, it is important to sit down with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with post-weight loss body contouring to learn which procedurescan best help you reach your personal goals.

While losing weight is about more thanlooking better physically, the aesthetic aspects of weight loss and subsequent skin removal can’t be overstated. Frequently, people envision themselves on the other side of their weight loss with the body they’ve always dreamed of. However, the unfortunate reality is that loose skin causes many people to feeldiscourageddespite their weight loss achievement.Thus, body contouring can be the perfect complement to weight loss, helping to reveal the body you worked so hard to achieve.

Body Contouring Can Benefit Your Personal and Professional Life

People who have body contouring after gastric bypass surgeryoften experience increased confidence and self-image. There can be a great sense of empowerment that comes along with overcoming the physical and psychological challenges of being overweight. Body contouring surgery can feel like the final step in leaving your old life behind you.

When you have a more positive perception of yourself, that self-confidence extendsto multiple areas of your life. Newfound confidence can lead to exciting new opportunities and enhance your willingness to seize them.A stronger self-image canbenefit you socially as well as professionally, allowing you torelax and enjoy your daily life rather than feeling unsure of yourself due to body confidence issues. On a more personal level, single people may feel more self-assured when it comes to dating and physical intimacy after body contouring. Further, those in relationships may find a renewed sense of excitement between them and their partner.

The best time for body contouring after gastric bypass surgery is after you’ve fully recovered and your weight has stabilized. In the meantime, take good care of yourself and begin consulting with qualified plastic surgeons with considerable experience in post-weight loss body contouring.


How Body Contouring After Weight Loss Can Improve Quality of Life
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How Body Contouring After Weight Loss Can Improve Quality of Life
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