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Eyelid Surgery

How Upper Eyelid Surgery Can Do More Than You Think

woman after eyelid surgery

Ptosis, or drooping of the eyelid, can make people look older and seem tired or worn out. It’s no wonder that eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is one of the most commonly requested procedures in the world. Blepharoplasty can improve your appearance and help with functional issues. During upper eyelid surgery, a discreet incision will be made in the crease of your eyelid. Through this, your plastic surgeon can make customized adjustments based on your facial anatomy and your desired results.

During eyelid surgery, a plastic surgeon may relocate or remove fat and muscle tissue while trimming away excess skin.

If you think you’re looking older or more tired, or you feel that excess eyelid skin is interfering with your quality of life, consider having a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. An initial consultation is an important step, so you can find out whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. An experienced surgeon can also help to clear up some of the myths about eyelid surgery. There are a lot of reasons to think about getting eyelid surgery, and you might just be surprised at the some of the lesser-known benefits of blepharoplasty.

A More Youthful Appearance

Speaking of looking younger, one of the greatest benefits of blepharoplasty is that it can give you a more vibrant and youthful appearance.One of the first places we begin to show our age is around the eyes. Eyelid surgery can provide a delicate and subtle change that really brightens and refreshes your overall look. Ideally, nobody will be able to tell you had anything done.

A Refreshed Look

As we age, the loss of fat and elasticity around our eyes can cause us to take on a permanently tired look. When people are young, looking tired is usually a temporary thing that can be remedied by catching up on sleep or dabbing some concealer around the eyes. There comes a point, though, where these tactics no longer do the trick. Blepharoplasty can help you regain afresh, well-rested appearance.

Possible Relief from Migraine Headaches

One particularly interesting and little-known benefit of blepharoplasty is the potential for migraine relief. By making a carefully placed incision in the upper eyelid, your plastic surgeon may be able to deactivate a so-called “trigger nerve.” For some patients, this can reduce or eliminate the occurrence of migraine headaches.

Help with Vision Problems

When upper eyelid skin droops enough to interfere with your ability to see clearly, your plastic surgeon may be able to help restore the full scope of your vision through blepharoplasty. If the only reason you are seeking eyelid surgery is to correct a functional issue such as this, you should also talk to your health insurance provider about whether they cover the procedure when performed for medical reasons.

For some people, combining eyelid surgery with a facelift or other rejuvenating procedure creates the best results.Choosing a skilled, qualified plastic surgeon is the best way to ensure results that are both subtle and beautiful. Remember to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions when it comes to preparing for and recovering from eyelid surgery.

How Upper Eyelid Surgery Can Do More Than You Think
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How Upper Eyelid Surgery Can Do More Than You Think
Curious about the benefits of blepharoplasty? Dr. Richard Rand of Bellevue talks about cosmetic and functional benefits of upper eyelid surgery.
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