The No. 1 Fix for Saggy, Deflated Breasts after Pregnancy

After pregnancy, your breasts might not look and feel exactly the way they used to. Changes in hormones, weight fluctuations and nursing can all affect breast tissue. You don’t need to settle for less-than-pert post-baby breasts, however. A combination breast augmentation and breast lift can be your best bet for fixing your breasts after pregnancy.

How Breast Augmentation Helps

After giving birth, the volume of your breasts can decrease, leaving your figure looking droopy or deflated. Silicone or saline breast implants can replace lost volume—or give you an extra boost up from your pre-baby cup size.

Today’s modern implants offer more natural-looking, personalized breast augmentation results, so you can feel confident about your new look complementing your appearance rather than overwhelming it.

Where a Breast Lift Comes In

While breast augmentation increases the volume of the breasts, implants won’t affect the placement of your breasts. If you’ve noticed a bit of a downward slide since completing your family, a breast lift can raise and reshape your breasts to restore a firm, youthful look to your figure again.

A combination breast lift and augmentation can produce the best results for your post-baby breasts.

A Beautiful Combination

The combination of a breast lift and an augmentation can add up to a stunning post-baby breast transformation. Your plastic surgeon can plan your breast enhancement to meet your appearance goals while minimizing scarring and maximizing your final results. Although you may see great results from either a breast lift or implants alone, most women find combining the two is the best option for fixing their breasts after pregnancy.


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