What’s the Best Time for a Mommy Makeover?

Once you’ve settled into your new motherhood routine, you might start to daydream about recovering your pre-baby body with a mommy makeover. But when is the best time to create your best self? And how soon is too soon to consider body contouring surgery after having a baby?

How Do I Have to Wait?

After you have your baby, you might be ready and raring to go for your mommy makeover, but that doesn’t mean your body is ready. Pregnancy hormones are still surging through your system for a few months after you give birth, so it’s suggested that you wait at least 6 months before you consider surgery. Remember, too, that a mommy makeover is not a substitute for weight loss. If you want the best results from your procedure, take the time right to get back into a regular exercise routine. This can prepare you to look and feel even better post-procedure.

Don’t dive right into your mommy makeover. Time your procedure right for the best results.

How Should I Time My Mommy Makeover?

If there’s something on your schedule that you’re eager to look your best for – maybe a special anniversary with your significant other or a high school reunion – you can schedule your mommy makeover so your results coincide with your event. Plan your mommy makeover about 2 to 3 months out from your desired “reveal” date to give yourself plenty of time to recover properly. So moms who want to rock that sexy sailor Halloween costume should plan their surgery for August, and if you want to look your best by Valentine’s Day, book your mommy makeover for late November or early December.


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