Breast Augmentation

3 Things to Do the Day before Your Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Few things are more exciting than when your breast augmentation preparation countdown reaches the final 24 hours. Are you ready? Being prepared for your recovery makes a difference. Here are 3 last-minute things you should take care of on the day before your breast augmentation.

  1. Clean Up and Get Organized

    Organize your shelves, cabinets and refrigerator. Wash, fold and put away all your laundry. Dust, wash dishes and wipe down all the surfaces in your home. It’s also a good idea to make sure it’s easy for you to find and access everything you need so you don’t have to dig around searching for something while you’re trying to heal from surgery. Make your bed with clean sheets, blankets and pillowcases, too.

    A clean and organized recovery space is an important part of staying healthy and comfortable while you heal.

  2. Stock Up on Supplies

    Have your ice packs and frozen veggies at the ready to help with pain and swelling. Pick up any prescriptions and medical supplies you’ll need, such as bandages and compression garments. If you haven’t already, shop for healthy snacks and nutritious goodies to munch on while you recover.

  3. Get Your Recovery Wardrobe Ready

    Pull out your most comfortable clothes. You’ll need stretchy pants and spacious, button down shirts that you can get in and out of easily. If you don’t have these things, time to make a shopping trip. Loose, comfortable clothing is an absolute must when you’re recovering from breast augmentation.

    Make sure you follow your plastic surgeon’s guidelines for breast augmentation preparation, too. Doing so will help ensure a smoother and faster recovery, so you can get out there and enjoy the benefits of breast augmentation.

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