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Should You Include Mons Pubis Surgery with Your Tummy Tuck?

Woman in whiteWhile any cosmetic gynecology procedure can be performed as a solo surgery, many women are surprised to find that they can also incorporate some types of genital rejuvenation with other body contouring. In fact, one of the long-standing discussions within the field revolves around whether surgeons should include reduction of the mons pubis (sometimes known by the slang term FUPA) for better tummy tuck results. Here’s a closer look at why.

Achieving Beautiful Contours

A tummy tuck creates firmer, slimmer contours through the belly. Yet, with the excess skin and tissue out of the way, women may find that their mons pubis—the fleshy mound just above the vaginal cleft—looks quite prominent by comparison. With excess skin and tissue removed for a flatter, more toned appearance to the stomach, it’s no wonder that the fatty deposits above the vaginal area can seem all too visible after surgery.

For this reason, a plastic surgeon may include mons pubis reduction along with a tummy tuck. Some surgeons consider this area as an extension of the lower abdomen that should be improved at the same time as the rest of waist and belly area. However, others feel that the mons pubis is an entirely separate area of the anatomy, and should be treated as such. Which is the right answer?

What’s Right for You

The answer isn’t as plain as black or white. Instead, plastic surgeons need to take a customized approach toward every surgery in order to address each patient’s unique concerns. Not every woman needs (or wants) mons pubis lipo added on to her tummy tuck, and no surgery should adopt a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy. If you’re concerned about how your mons will look after abdominoplasty, simply talk to your surgeon to decide what your next step should be. Treatment options to be discussed include liposuction, dermolipectomy, and/or suspension.

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