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How Many CCs Will Help You Reach Your Perfect Cup Size?

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My patients often come to their consultations ready to explain their breast augmentation goals in terms of their preferred cup size. However, implants are not measured in bra sizes but by volume, meaning there isn’t a direct correlation between desired cup size and the number of ccs required to achieve it. Factors such as your specific proportions, the amount of natural breast tissue you currently have and your breast shape can all impact which implant volume will help you meet your breast augmentation ideal.

Balancing Proportions

While some women prefer a larger, more obviously enhanced silhouette and others are looking for only the subtlest increase, the majority of my patients simply want to improve their proportions with breast implants. For instance, increasing breast volume can help transform a pear shape into an hourglass for better balance between the curves above your waistline as compared to below.

Whatever your goals, remember that choosing your breast implant size is a personal decision that is best accomplished by putting cup size aside and focusing instead on finding photographs of women with a post-breast augmentation look that’s similar to the results you hope to see in your own body. Then, during your consultation, your surgeon can then help translate those proportions into the correct breast implant volume to help you see the best possible results from your breast augmentation.

Trusting an Expert

The best way to select the implant size that’s right for your body is to work in close consultation with a breast augmentation specialist. Be sure your surgeon is well-versed in the latest surgical methods and has access to a host of different implant sizes, styles, materials and options in order to achieve the final proportions (and dream cup size) that you desire.

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