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Breast Lift

Scarless Breast Lift: The Facts

Drooping breasts are a normal effect of age, breastfeeding, and other factors, but this effect understably causes big concern for some women. A breast lift offers an excellent solution to the problem, but for many women  questions and concerns over scarring seem more important than the potential benefits; because of these concerns, many surgeons now offer “scarless” procedures that aim to reduce scarring entirely. But are the claims legitimate?

The answer is: yes and no. Though many surgeons make tall claims of a scarless breast lift, most of such advertisements are technically false, as any surgical lift will involve some type of incision that may result in a scar; the question is how well the incision and the resulting scar is hidden.

Scarless Lift vs. Benelli Lift

Benelli lift is one of the techniques most often touted as “scarless” or “virtually scarless” because while this incision pattern does sometimes show visible scars during healing, over time it can create a virtually scarless result. The Benelli lift uses a reduced scar pattern around the areola to lift and reshape the breast. It is specially designed for smaller breasts showing less extensive ptosis (sagging), and the scar is hidden around the natural edge of the areola.

Depending on the patient, a Benelli lift can be a good option for more significant correction, but overall the patients who can expect the best results from this technique are women whose breasts are drooping mainly because of thin tissues, moderate weight loss, or body changes after pregnancy, rather than extreme weight loss or very significant amounts of excess breast tissue.

The best candidates for the Benelli lift typically have:

  • Modest amount of sag, ptosis with mild skin stretching
  • Denser breast tissue
  • Symmetric breasts without drastic imbalances in volume or position
  • Nipples above or at the level of the breast fold, rather than below it

Advantages Over Anchor Lifts

Traditional breast lift techniques used to require a larger incision pattern, sometimes from the areola to the fold below the breast, and along the inframammary fold itself. In some cases this technique is still recommended, and while the reality is that most patients  can expect scars to be slightly visible, if this technique is truly merited in your case, an experienced surgeon can do a lot to reduce the appearance of scars even with this technqiue. Fine absorbable sutures can help, as well as compression garments and appropriate care of the incision site after surgery.

But for most women, a Benelli Lift can correct sagging, restore the position of the nipple, and create a firm, supple look without requiring the extensive scarring of older techniques. As a less invasive procedure, Benelli Lift is the ideal choice for patients seeking less drastic breast enhancement. While 100% “scarless” breast reduction may not be possible technically speaking, up-to-date techniques mean that a skilled and caring plastic surgeon can achieve apparently scarless results that meet your goals of making your breasts look youthful and perkier, without leaving any visible scars.

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