Breast Lift

Recovering after Your Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

I advise my patients that part of preparing well for their breast enhancement is to think about the recovery process beforehand. With the popularity of both breast augmentations and breast lifts in the Tampa – St. Petersburg area, it only makes sense to include some advice on how to handle recovery.

Quick Tips

The first tip for a speedy recovery is to plan ahead. While most women will be up and about at least with light activity within the week, you should plan to take some downtime for healing.

  • Make a few meals ahead of time and freeze them for easy dinners
  • Rearrange your schedule so crucial tasks take place either before surgery or after recovery
  • Arrange for extra help around the house with kids, pets and chores if needed

Another great idea is to read up on recovering from surgical procedures in general, and try to have recommended supplies on hand. For example, ice packs (or bags of frozen veggies) can be great for bringing down swelling and reducing pain, so stock up ahead of time.

Schedule Downtime

Life isn’t going to stop for your cosmetic surgery; Tampa is a bustling place year-round, and it isn’t going to slow down to accommodate you. If you want downtime, you’ll have to carve it out yourself and guard it carefully. Breast enhancement may be an elective surgery, but it’s still a surgery and your body needs plenty of rest and time to recover.

Most importantly, don’t push yourself too hard to get out and about right after your breast augmentation. Your daily grind will still be there waiting for you once you’ve healed up. Make this time just about getting better.

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