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Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery

3 Treatments to Reverse Aging

It happens to everyone. One day you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and wonder where time has gone. Sometimes the person in the mirror is hardly recognizable. You wonder where all the wrinkles came from, and often wish you had taken better care of yourself at a younger age.

If you’ve taken the proper precautions, you probably look great. But for those who haven’t, reversing the signs of aging might sound appealing. Luckily, with today’s medical technology, you can recapture some of that youthfulness. Here are three treatments that can help reverse signs of aging:


Most people have heard of this popular facial treatment. It is one of the top five most common cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States with over 130,000 surgeries completed in 2013.

The facelift reverses signs of aging by removing unwanted fat and tightening the skin. Additionally, it is said to take up to 15 years off a patient’s appearance. Dr. Nicole Schrader’s website explains it well, stating that, “incisions are made in inconspicuous places such as behind the hairline and in natural folds of the face and ears. The scars fade to near invisibility in time. Facelifts do not change your fundamental appearance.”

Neck Lift

The fact of life is that as people get older, skin begins to sag in unwanted areas. One of the most noticeable areas is often around the neck. Luckily, a neck lift can help correct this problem. With the help of some surgical tightening, you can look younger for years to come. A few other procedures also used on the neck are lasers, peels, and microdermabrasion.


Ultherapy is among the most technologically advanced procedures discussed in this article. Using ultrasound, this nonsurgical method tightens loose and saggy skin by boosting collagen – the natural body protein responsible for the youthfulness of skin. Loss of collagen is also a factor for aging skin. By boosting collagen production, you can attain younger skin without surgery. Due to the process, it can take several months to see results. Despite the waiting period, it has a 71 percent “worth it” rating on RealSelf, making it a relatively popular procedure.

These aren’t the only 3 treatments that can reduce aging, but they are a good place to start researching if you’re curious about turning back the clock a little.

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