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Naughty or Nice, How to Give (& Get) Plastic Surgery for Christmas

Gift Plastic Surgery - Christmas - Dec2021

The holiday season is here, and you are running out of time to pick out those perfect gifts (or ask for those you want). No matter what you choose, there is always a lot of gift-giving etiquette you need to navigate. However, if the gift in question is plastic surgery, those rules can quickly become a minefield.

Is gifting plastic surgery acceptable? Is it OK to ask a loved one to pay for it for you? And what do you need to keep in mind to make sure this doesn’t come off as rude? Here’s a quick guide on gifting and getting breast augmentation, liposuction and more for the holidays. 

Know the Person You Are Buying For

Not every person wants plastic surgery. Not even every person who is unhappy with their appearance will. Some people may feel plastic surgery is a sign of low self-esteem. Others might be afraid the results won’t live up to their expectations, or they could have other medical conditions that make plastic surgery unsafe for them.

Gifting plastic surgery can be wonderful or offensive, depending upon the approach you take.

If you are giving plastic surgery as a gift, be sure it is something that the recipient is interested in. Otherwise, this is a gift that will fall flat.

Don’t Prepay for a Specific Procedure

The person you are purchasing for might have mentioned a procedure or two to you before. Even if this is the case, don’t buy something specific. If you want plastic surgery as a gift, buy general plastic surgery vouchers instead and let them choose their own plastic surgery, even if you have a popular procedure in mind.

Thoroughly Vet the Surgeon First

Even if plastic surgery vouchers are the perfect gift, you need to do your research first. Check that the surgeon is qualified and has experience in the field of plastic surgery. You also want to make sure they have proper accreditations from organizations like The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Think beyond the Gift

After surgery, the person you gift to will have a recovery period, and they’ll need help during it. Make sure you offer support after plastic surgery, such as home-cooked meals or cleaning services. This can make a significant impact on your loved one.

Consider Med Spa Procedures

If plastic surgery isn’t the right gift, there are other procedures you can check out. Anti-aging treatments like Botox injections and chemical peels make great gifts that don’t require a lot of cash or time on your part.

Asking for the Gift of Plastic Surgery

What if you aren’t looking to gift plastic surgery, but rather would like to receive it? We suggest just putting it out there. When people ask you what you’d like for Christmas this year, tell them you are saving up for a procedure and you’d love it if they could help out, either by gifting cash or by purchasing a gift certificate from the surgeon of your choice.


Naughty or Nice, How to Give (& Get) Plastic Surgery for Christmas
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Naughty or Nice, How to Give (& Get) Plastic Surgery for Christmas
Is plastic surgery a good gift for the holidays? Dr. Stephen M. Davis at Green Hills Plastic Surgery in Nashville explains why it can be in the right situation.
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