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If You’re Gifted a Tummy Tuck for Christmas, Plan Your Surgery Now

Plastic Surgery Gift - Dec 2021

Whether you are gifting yourself a tummy tuck this year for Christmas or an awesome family member or friend is giving you what you really wanted this year, now is the time to start planning. While you may not get that tummy you want in time for Christmas, scheduling during the winter months and holiday season can make recovery easier and have you ready for the summer fun!!

The Holiday Season Offers More Opportunities for Time Off

A tummy tuck typically requires at least a week off from work for recovery. As the holidays approach, they provide the perfect time to take those extra few days off from work you need for recovery without drawing any attention from coworkers and family. With most people already having time off for Christmas and the New Year, the window in between is often perfect to allow you extra recovery time and get out of holiday obligations you just aren’t looking forward to anyway. 

Schedule your tummy tuck early as many people choose the winter months for elective procedures, meaning space may be limited.

In addition, if you need help with children or yourself during recovery, many family members and friends will also have time off from work, making it easier to ask for assistance when you need it. 

Bundle Up in Your Favorite Warm Clothes and Blankets

As the cold weather begins, it becomes easier to cover up during your tummy tuck recovery. With a tummy tuck, you will likely be wearing a compression garment during recovery, so bundling up in sweaters and coats will allow you to easily conceal your body until the swelling subsides and you are ready to reveal your new curves and body shape. 

It’s Normal to Spend Time Indoors

During the summer, there are a wide range of activities you want to be a part of. From concerts and parties to relaxing days at the beach or pool, most people look forward to being outdoors and active, making recovery more difficult. During the winter, it is not uncommon to hide away under a blanket watching your favorite movies while the snow falls. And your friends and family are likely to be doing the same. This allows you plenty of time to rest and relax during your recovery without worrying that you are missing out on social events. 

Just remember, that getting up and moving after your tummy tuck is important. Exercise during the winter is often limited to your nearby gym and, with many gyms offering New Year Specials, what better time than now to check out your local gym? 

A New Year, A New You!!

With the year coming to an end, what better way to say goodbye to the old you and hello to the body you have been dreaming of? Having your tummy tuck during the winter months also gives you plenty of time to heal before the summer arrives, allowing you to debut your flatter tummy and beautiful curves when the beaches open and you can wear that awesome new bikini.

The time to take advantage of your Christmas tummy tuck gift is now. Take advantage of what the winter offers and be ready to hit the pool next summer. 

If You’re Gifted a Tummy Tuck for Christmas, Plan Your Surgery Now
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If You’re Gifted a Tummy Tuck for Christmas, Plan Your Surgery Now
Dr. Scot Martin in Las Cruces, New Mexico talks about why the winter months are the perfect time to schedule your tummy tuck so you are ready for the New Year.
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