4 Skincare Tips for College Students

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College life is stressful, hectic, and tiring. These downsides often lead to college students being unorganized, and also find it challenging to thoroughly take care of themselves. All of these negatives also are able to invoke acne, and other skin issues. This is why developing a consistent skin routine is essential. College students can prioritize their skin by implementing these 4 tips into their skincare regimen.

1. Products

Investing in high quality, convenient, and easy to use products is the first step in curating your own skincare routine. First discover what your skin type is, and if you have any sensitivities. You can meet with a dermatologist to determine your skin type, and receive product recommendations specific to you. Thankfully, there are quality skincare products sold at all price points, so you can find some affordable options.

Take a trip to a beauty store, grocery store, or local drug store to find products. Do some research beforehand to see what brands you are most interested in. You can ask associates in beauty sections if you need help when finding products. “It’s important to know what skincare products you need. Sunscreen, moisturizer, cleanser, lip balm, and exfoliant are 5 products that most people should use in their skin routine,” shares Lacy Burk,  beauty blogger at Boomessays and Paperfellows. Once you have gotten proper skincare products, it’s time to adapt a schedule for when you’ll be taking care of your skin.

2. Schedule

Building a consistent skincare schedule is important for the effectiveness of your skincare regimen. It’s recommended by professionals that you use your skincare products in the morning and at night. You shouldn’t be doing the entire routine more than 3 times, because overusing products is detrimental to your skin. If you forget a day or only do your skincare once one day, that’s 100% okay! As long as you stick to your routine the majority of the time, your skin will benefit from your efforts.

After using your products for a while, you will notice that your skin is improving. If you had dry skin before, regular moisturization may have fixed that issue. If you have inflamed acne, after a few months the swelling and amount of blemishes may be reduced. Your skincare routine is important to keeping your skin in the best shape as possible.

3. Habits

We are all guilty of feeding into bad habits. There are a variety of bad habits that contribute to damaging effects on our skin. Picking acne, not removing makeup before bed, and having a consistent routine are some ways that we hurt our skin. Breaking unhealthy habits is hard, but you need to motivate yourself to avoid going through with these behaviors. Think of how much better you will feel when your skin has less flaws, blemishes, and other damages.

Skincare is a huge part of taking care of yourself entirely. Even though it is an external way to care for yourself, it can help boost your confidence and your mood. Before you pick your acne next, remember that your picking can worsen the problem. “Through dedication and effort, you can overcome your bad skincare habits. It is challenging, but overtime, you’ll notice that you rarely engage in poor skincare practices,” reveals Fiona Mullens, writer at Essayroo and Lia Help.

4. Treating Yourself

Your skincare routine can be one way to treat yourself. As a college student, you are constantly under a huge amount of pressure. You deserve a break from all of life’s worries. After busy weeks, a major test, or huge project, plan a spa night. Take a nice bath, put on a nourishing face mask, and focus on you and you only.

You deserve to treat your skin right, especially when you are focused on so much. Take the time to revive yourself after the long hours spent in class, and do some well needed skincare.

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4 Skincare Tips for College Students
Developing a consistent skin routine is essential. College students can prioritize their skin by implementing these 4 tips into their skincare regimen.
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