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If It’s Been a While, Your Breast Augmentation Options Have Changed

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If the last time you’ve thought about getting breast implants or a breast augmentation revision was a decade or more ago, you might be surprised at the new breast implant trends and options now available. Take a look at what the modern breast augmentation has to offer to help you decide if now could be the right time for you to update your look.

Saline, Silicone, Gummy-Bear…?

For decades, saline and silicone were the two clear-cut breast implant options, both with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Silicone implants, for instance, were touted for their ability to more closely mimic the look and feel of natural breast tissue compared to their saline counterparts. But on the downside, traditional silicone implants require an MRI to detect a rupture, as the silicone material will not necessarily “deflate” the implant like with saline. 

While saline ruptures are easy to detect without medical testing like an MRI, they are more prone to rippling and wrinkling than silicone implants. 

Fast-forward to recent years, and a newer breast implant type has arrived on the scene. “Gummy bear” implants, named for their likeness to the squishy candy, are made of a cohesive silicone gel that holds its shape much like a gummy bear candy. This property allows gummy bear implants to remain stable and intact, even when sliced in half. Traditional liquid silicone, on the other hand, is able to leak out of the implant shell if cut, causing the potential for complications in the event of a rupture.

Gummy bear implants look, feel and move much like natural breast tissue and hold their shape better than traditional silicone implants.

B Cups Are the New C Cups

Historically, larger breast implants have been all the rage — think iconic looks like Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton. However, over the years, the trend has shifted in favor of more modest, natural-looking breast implants that remain in balance with your body proportions — think Halle Berry or Kate Hudson, two celebrities who are known for some of the best boob jobs in Hollywood because of how natural and balanced they look.

In fact, some women are now choosing to downsize breast implants that they may have gotten a decade ago to swap out large implants for a more modest look. 

When choosing your breast implants, keep in mind that the shape and proportion are just as important as size. 

Improved Surgical Techniques and Placement Options

Over the last decade, plastic surgery techniques have continued to evolve and improve, offering more efficient, precise surgeries with smoother recoveries, less downtime and minimized scarring. Non-narcotic recovery options are also now available, eliminating addiction-related complications or risks.

Additionally, breast implant placement options have improved, allowing for a more customized procedure that meets each woman’s specific needs and goals. 

Still have questions about your breast implant options and which surgical techniques make the most sense for you? Book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss the specifics of your procedure in more detail.

If It’s Been a While, Your Breast Augmentation Options Have Changed
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If It’s Been a While, Your Breast Augmentation Options Have Changed
What are your breast implant options these days? Concord board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti shares how breast augmentation options have evolved.
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