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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Skinimalism Trend

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Skinimalism is the hottest beauty trend right now. Brands hail it as the new glow-up look everybody will be embracing. The skincare and beauty buzzword has been all over Instagram, flooding feeds with its valuable benefits. But what is skinimalism? Keep on reading to know what it is and how to incorporate it into your skincare regimen.

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is the idea of simplifying and minimizing your makeup & skincare routine by cutting back on layers you apply to your face so that your natural skin shines through. Part of skinimalism focuses on utilizing products that benefit the skin, so you don’t have to cover up your acne, dark spots and other flaws with much makeup.

Skinimalism is known to do wonders for the skin, but it does more than that. Here are more reasons you’ll love this beauty trend:

1. It Saves You More Time and Money

It’s simple—buying only the products you need for your major skin problem can save you money. Therefore, by investing in quality skincare products that address your skin’s needs, you spend less on makeup and gain more time for other activities.

If you have an urgent Zoom meeting, a little concealer dabbed on those needed areas, and a light swipe of cream blush with a matching lip balm can do the trick to make you look effortlessly polished just in time.

2. It’s Environmentally Friendly

The cosmetics industry produces more than 120 billion packaging units every year, much of which is not recyclable. The majority of beauty products packages are made of plastic, which takes 500 years to decompose. Then there are synthetic wrappers, paper inserts, foam, and more, which can be present all in one purchase.

Buying fewer beauty products and supporting green beauty can significantly reduce the volume of container waste going to landfills, helping lessen pollution that’s devastating sea life and contaminating the oceans.

3. You’ll Have Healthier Skin

Frequently wearing excessive makeup can lead to problems including dryness, breakouts, heightened sensitivity, and irritation. By going for a minimalist beauty and skincare regimen, you give your skin more time to breathe, enabling it to regenerate more effectively, thus keeping it healthy.

4. It Allows You to Embrace the Real You

Skinimalism is about embracing the real you—imperfections and all. Hence, when you practice it, you allow your natural beauty to shine through. It may not be a novel concept, but in a world where the idea of “perfect skin” is always touted, it’s a signal to move away from those unrealistic beauty standards.

How to Build Your Skinimalism Routine

  • Address your skin needs: It’s when you start paying attention to your skin that significant improvement can begin to happen. Dermatologists recommend focusing first on your most problematic skin issues, addressing one concern at a time. Then, after tackling them, start building your skinimalism routine. The general rule is to start with the basics. For instance, if you have dry patches on the skin, opt for a moisturizer with colloidal oatmeal. If you have noticeable wrinkles, go for face serum. Meanwhile, if you have fine lines in the corners of your eyes or lipsapply some anti-aging skincare products that are rich in retinol. If you’re unsure what formulas to use, consulting a dermatologist is the best way to go.
  • Declutter your skincare routine: You don’t need to purge your entire regimen to be a skinimalist. But it helps to discontinue products that no longer serve you. Prioritize the basics, such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. The goal is to keep only those that work for your skin.
  • Go for natural ingredients: Experts often emphasize that the best way to treat acne and other skin conditions is to use products that contain natural ingredients. So make sure to look for the following labels: beta carotene, green tea extract, oats, vitamin C, licorice, soy, willowherb, and witch hazel. These natural ingredients effectively combat breakouts, treat pigmentation, soothe irritation, and prevent sun damage. Natural face masks, such as papaya-yogurt masks, honey-sugar scrub, and coconut oil hydrator, are also an ideal option, as they help hydrate the skin and remove excess oils. These concoctions also boast exfoliating properties, eliminating spot-causing bacteria, thus preventing blemishes.
  • Minimize your makeup routine: The “less is more approach” should extend to your makeup kit. When coming up with a minimalist regimen, one important thing to keep in mind is to embrace your natural features. You can do this by using fewer products and going for the basic makeup looks. In the end, you’ll learn to be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself just the way you are.

There’s no such thing as “perfect” skin. Despite what we see in magazines and beauty blogs, everyone is flawed. And instead of covering it up, why not skinimalize and embrace your imperfections? After all, it’s always been one of the most effective approaches to achieving that timeless, natural glow.

4 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Skinimalism Trend
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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Skinimalism Trend
Caught the skinimalism bug yet? Here’s why less is more empowering.
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