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How Your Mommy Makeover Can Be More Than Plastic Surgery

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Your mommy makeover can be as individual and unique as you are. For many women, this includes surgical procedures, but it doesn’t have to. Med spa mommy makeovers are on the rise replacing or in addition to traditional mommy makeover surgeries. If you’re considering a mommy makeover to help you feel your best after baby, here are some of your surgical and non-invasive options.

Surgical Mommy Makeover Options

The classic idea of a mommy makeover is one that involves plastic surgery. For many women, this means a series of procedures to help them return to their pre-baby body and feel great about themselves once again. Tummy tucks are particularly popular because of their ability to help reduce or eliminate the dreaded, stubborn lower belly “pooch” and loose abdominal skin after pregnancy.

Many women also choose to include some type of breast enhancement surgery. A breast lift can help restore breast tissue to its original youthful location after sagging due to pregnancy, significant weight loss or even just age. A breast augmentation can help with loss of breast volume or naturally smaller breasts. This can result in a more balanced figure and a more pleasing overall silhouette. Breast reduction is also a mommy makeover option for women who struggle with burdensome breasts and the accompanying back pain and discomfort.

The Med Spa Mommy Makeover

Surgical options are great for many women, but mommy makeovers don’t have to start – or begin – there. The med spa mommy makeover can be a stellar supplement to a traditional surgical mommy makeover or an experience all its own. A med spa mommy makeover can help you look and feel your best post-baby without surgery or a lengthy recovery period.

Med Spa for Your Body

The best part of a med spa mommy makeover is that there are options for everyone, head to toe.

Tummy tucks and breast enhancement have their place in a mommy makeover, but they’re not the only options to help your body look and feel its best post-baby. There are med spa mommy makeover options that don’t require the extended downtime of a surgery and can still produce results.

CoolSculpting® is one non-surgical option that can help reduce stubborn pockets of fat and contour your body to its ideal shape. Using a process called cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting freezes specific targeted pockets of fat. Treatments take an hour or two, depending on the targeted areas, and results can be seen in roughly 2 to 4 months.

Another med spa option for body contouring is EMSCULPT®, which uses high-intensity, incredibly focused electromagnetic technology to stimulate supramaximal muscle contractions – the technical way of saying you’re going to get a workout. EMSCULPT can stimulate muscle growth and fatloss, for a toned, leaner appearance.

Med Spa for Your Face

Your body isn’t the only thing that motherhood can affect. Long sleepless nights, early mornings and time spent on the kids that used to be dedicated to your skincare routine can all show themselves on your face. Thankfully, with a med spa mommy makeover, the options don’t end at your neck. BOTOX® and injectable fillers can help you look young, fresh and ready to take on any challenges motherhood may throw your way. BOTOX can relax the muscles that cause signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Injections typically take 10 to 15 minutes, depending on their complexity, and results can last for up to 4 months.

Injectable fillers are used to smooth out facial lines and wrinkles by adding volume for a more youthful appearance. There are several options for different kinds of dermal fillers. In your consultation, you’ll be able to decide which is best suited to help you meet your goals. Often, a combination of BOTOX and dermal fillers can produce the best results.

The beauty of the modern mommy makeover is that it can be tailored to meet exactly your needs and goals. The methods can be surgical or med spa, but after all is said and done, you can be on your way to feeling like your best self post-baby.


How Your Mommy Makeover Can Be More Than Plastic Surgery
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How Your Mommy Makeover Can Be More Than Plastic Surgery
Learn about the options for a surgical or med spa mommy makeover from Dr. Lee B. Daniel of Eugene, OR and decide which options are right for you.
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