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Can a Tummy Tuck Revise a C-Section Scar?

C-section is the most common surgery related to childbirth. However, the surgery may leave visible vertical or horizontal scars. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can revise the scars left by c-section and make them less noticeable; and at the same time, help correct the overstretched muscles and excess skin and fat that pregnancy often leaves behind.

Tummy tuck is the most effective option to improve the appearance of C-section scars and surrounding tissues at the same time. Depending on the C-section scar and the patient’s shape and goals, the surgeon may be able to minimize the appearance of the scar significantly, tighten separated muscle fibers, and trim away excess skin.

As with any surgery, the patient’s unique skin condition, genetics, healing process, and specific techniques the surgeon uses for his or her tummy tuck procedures will all play major roles in the quality of the outcome, but in many cases excellent improvements are possible even for women with vertical, more extensive C-section scars.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck

  • Removes excess fatty tissues on the abdomen
  • Eliminates or dramatically reduces tissue puckering around the scar site
  • Tightens sagging abdominal muscles to restore a more “toned,” flat shape
  • Minimizes or removes awkward C-section scars, replacing all or part of the scar with a less-visible incision hidden below the bikini line

Tummy tuck is a beneficial procedure for many mothers after they have healed completely from their original C-section surgery. For many moms who are frustrated with the look of their C-section scars, this procedure helps them look and feel more like their pre-pregnancy self and restore self-confidence. With new techniques, recovery is often fast: you should be able to perform light activities right away, and start working in more strenuous activities starting 10 days after your procedure.

After all the work and care that pregnancy involves, you deserve no less than a slim, pre-pregnancy body to look as great as you feel.

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