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Breast Implants

How to Talk about Getting Breast Implants

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Whether you’ve decided to get breast implants to gain back your pre-baby breasts or to finally have the breasts you’ve always wanted, you’re probably excited and can’t wait for your surgery date to arrive. However, you may be nervous about whether or not you should tell the people in your life, and how you should tell them if so. Here’s some advice on how to talk about your decision to get breast implants, if you decide to talk at all.

Telling Your Significant Other

Plastic surgery can be a couples decision or it can be a decision made by a woman alone. In a serious, or marital, relationship, plastic surgery can be difficult for a man to understand. We do not tend to view women as harshly as they view themselves. What bothers you might not bother him at all and changing something that doesn’t bother him may require a heartfelt conversation about your motivations.  It has been my experience that men are sometimes opposed to plastic surgery before the surgery. After the surgery, when your confidence blooms, the results that you could see in the future, but that he might not have, become a benefit to you both.

Although getting implants is a very personal decision that only you can make, breast augmentation is still surgery.  From a purely practical standpoint, you’ll need support during your recovery and having someone to help who is on-board with your procedure is useful.

What about Everyone Else?

There’s no reason you should have to tell your parents, children, in-laws, coworkers or anyone else about your breast implants unless you want to. However, unless you’re getting a very subtle breast augmentation, people are likely to notice whether you tell them outright or not. If you’re concerned that friends or family members might judge you for your decision, talk honestly with them about your motivations behind your surgery. Many times, people will be more understanding if they realize that you’ve put a lot of thought into your decision, and just how much getting implants means to you.

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