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Will Everyone Be Able to Tell You’ve Had a Facelift?

Outdoor Portrait of A Beautiful Young Woman In Her Thirties

Looking in the mirror and finding a tired, aged face staring back at you can be very unsettling. If concerns over the possibility that a facelift could look too obvious are holding you back, you should know that there are ways to ensure you’ll get a beautiful, youthful result that’s subtle and natural-looking.

Choose the Right Surgeon

Getting facelift results that are both unmistakable and undetectable will depend largely on the caliber of surgeon you choose. The right credentials, extensive experience and excellent bedside manner are all essential qualities in a facelift surgeon.

Effective facial rejuvenation often also incorporates the use of nonsurgical treatments such as BOTOX® or other injectables so that every aspect of your anti-aging needs are being met. However, although nonsurgical treatments can go a long way in restoring youthfulness to the face, a facelift is sometimes the best option if you have more advanced signs of aging like prominent jowls or excess laxity of facial and neck skin.

Revitalized, Not Unrecognizable

You probably know someone who has had a beautiful yet natural-looking facelift, but you don’t even realize it. That’s because a well-performed facelift should leave you looking like a more vibrant, refreshed, younger version of yourself, never too surgical-looking or “done.” I work with all of my patients to take a comprehensive approach toward facial rejuvenation in order to make sure results improvements are flattering yet subtle.

Ultimately, the goal is not to look like a different person, or to even look as if you’d had surgery. Instead, the best facelift results leave you looking like a more revitalized version of yourself.

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