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When Orange County women considering breast augmentation first come into our practice for a consultation, we often begin by discussing their ideal cup size as a goal. Although this is a great start, breast implant size is measured by volume, not by bra size. Additionally, we need to discuss which implant profile will give you the results you want.

What Is Implant Profile?

The profile of your implant will impact how the fullness of your breasts rises from the line of your torso. Each implant manufacturer has their own specifics when it comes to profiles, but generally there are three types: low, moderate and high profiles.

Low profile implants will have a wider base and lower projection than a high profile implant of the same volume. High profile implants are taller and have a smaller diameter base, projecting more volume up and out than a low profile implant. A moderate implant will fall somewhere in between. You may also consider a moderate plus implant, which gives a second level in-between option.

High profile implants can look striking for women who want a noticeably enhanced look. They are a popular choice with many of our younger patients in part because they can more closely mimic the shape of younger breasts. Moderate profile implants can be a good choice for women who are interested in more subtle enhancements. The right implant profile for you will depend on many factors, including your existing breast anatomy.

It’s important to discuss your appearance goals with your surgeon, so you can decide together which implant profile will give you the look you want.

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