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Tummy Tuck

3 Tips for Getting Back in the Gym after Your Tummy Tuck

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After getting a tummy tuck, you may feel anxious to get back in the gym to maintain your new, slimmer midsection. However, overdoing it can actually delay your recovery period, slow down healing and have a negative impact on your results. Follow these tips to safely ease back into your workout routine.

1. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard Too Soon

Even though it’s a safe and routine procedure, a tummy tuck is still surgery and your body will need ample time to recuperate. Follow your post-op instructions for rest and downtime and don’t push yourself too soon. When you begin exercising again, start slow with mild activities and pay close attention to your body. Unusual pain or discomfort can be your body’s way of telling you that you need to take it easy.

2. Avoid Certain Exercises

Be mindful of the types of exercises you do after your tummy tuck. Most patients will begin with light activities, such as a gentle walk, about two weeks after surgery. More taxing exercises, particularly ones like crunches that isolate the abdomen, should not be done for several months after surgery to allow proper healing.

3. Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

As with any surgery, the most important advice for healing quickly and properly is to follow doctor’s orders. Make sure you pay close attention when your surgeon gives instructions on medications, activity level and rest, and follow them explicitly. Ignoring any of his or her instructions could not only impact your tummy tuck results, but even potentially jeopardize your health.

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