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Eyelid Surgery or Brow Lift: Which Should You Choose?

Eyelid Surgery

Mature men and women who wish to correct signs of aging in their upper face can confuse the benefits of eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, with those of a brow lift. The procedures can treat similar problems and may even be complementary in nature. However, there are some key differences to be aware of before you decide which procedure is for you.

Surgical Differences

Surgery on the upper eyelids can tighten the muscles supporting the eye, remove excess tissue and correct any sagging or loose skin. The results can create a refreshed, alert and more youthful appearance in patients with drooping upper eyelid skin that creates a tired, furrowed look or even obstructs vision.

A brow lift actually lifts the forehead, repairing the loose underlying muscles and smoothing out horizontal wrinkles that have developed. A brow lift can have a similar effect as upper eyelid surgery, since lifting the brow can also lift drooping upper eyelids. However, this procedure is best for men and women with an overhanging brow or concerns about forehead wrinkles.

When considering eyelid surgery, pinch your upper eyelid skin to see an imitation of the tightened, refreshed results that are possible with blepharoplasty. To see results like those of a brow lift, pull your forehead up to smooth out wrinkles and lift the position of the brow.

Knowing How to Choose

While eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery can have similar effects, the primary difference is that eyelid surgery is more localized. Yet, while a brow lift affects the entire upper face including lifting the eyelids, excess eyelid skin is not removed, nor are bags of fatty tissue surrounding the eyes. The choice of treatments really comes down to the option that will best help you meet your personal goals for surgery.

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