Brow/Forehead Lift

Look Younger and Happier with a Brow Lift

Brow Lift

Our faces, and especially our eyes, can be the first area of our bodies to show telltale signs of aging. At my practice in Beverly Hills, a brow lift is one of the most common procedures requested to aid patients in looking younger and happier.

Although it may sound funny to suggest that a cosmetic procedure can make you look more cheerful, a brow lift does just that. The muscles in your face which help you to frown and smile make millions of the exact same repeated motions over the years. In the forehead area, this means more wrinkles as those muscles continue forcing the skin in those movements. Aging also leads to the brows lowering, much the way our brows lower when we’re scowling or frowning. A lowered brow can lend a look of perpetual anger, regardless of what emotion we may actually be feeling.

For patients in Beverly Hills, a brow lift can get rid of that angry look which lingers even when you’re feeling happy. The procedure will relieve the signs of aging in the upper face. The eyebrows will be raised just enough to create a well-rested and pleasant look around the upper eyelids. As the forehead muscles are addressed, frown lines and forehead wrinkles will be reduced. Your entire face will look more relaxed and cheerful once the eye area is opened up. The result is a younger, refreshed, and happier-looking patient.

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