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Breast Enhancement

Can Alternative Treatments Enhance Your Breasts?

With the worldwide popularity of breast enhancement, it’s no surprise that surgeons continue to develop alternative treatments to offer women looking for new ways to enhance their figure. While standard procedures like breast augmentation and breast lifts have been around for decades, other, newer treatments are just beginning to try their luck in the cosmetic world. Here are a couple of alternative breast treatments that may or may not be all they’re cracked up to be.

Laser Bra Lift

The laser bra lift is a new procedure that uses focused heat from lasers to harden the inner breast tissue along the skin, essentially creating an internal bra. While it’s possible that the laser bra lift holds promise, lasers are also extremely delicate instruments that can cause disfiguring burns if they are misused. Unfortunately, not all technicians that make use of lasers are highly trained in using them. Just as important is the fact that reshaping a breast requires artistry and control. Both of those things are lost when a laser is used.

Vacation Breasts

The term ‘vacation breasts’ refers to a procedure currently under development that would offer women temporary breast augmentation lasting two to three weeks. The augmentation would be achieved through an injection of a currently undisclosed solution into the breasts. As appealing as the idea of vacation breasts may be, this alternative to traditional breast augmentation is expensive and very temporary.

Tried and True Methods

Women interested in breast enhancement are advised to stick to tried and true methods that have undergone rigorous testing and deliver reliable results. A skilled breast surgeon can create excellent cosmetic results using traditional, surgical methods and expert techniques.

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