Choosing Your Best Facelift Option

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Facelifts (get some facelift facts from a helpful video) have evolved substantially over the years from being a hard pull on the skin which often led to a very “operated on” look to modern techniques where the deeper tissues of the cheeks and neck are tightened and repositioned restoring the anatomy of youth such that only a very gentle movement of the skin is needed. This leads to a much more rejuvenated look without the pulled, windswept look that all patients appropriately fear from a “facelift.” In my practice, I take great pride in my ability to give patients a very complete rejuvenation without looking operated or obvious.

They key is to deliver a beautiful clean refreshed neck line and a jaw line with no jowls. Redundant neck fat is removed and the loose muscles are tightened. This recreates the beautiful angular neck line of youth. The droopy jowl fat is moved back up in the cheeks from off the jaw line adding a youthful refreshment and enhancement of the cheeks. The skin is gently re-draped and the excess is removed under minimal tension. In my practice an operated look is unacceptable. Facelifts are among the highest art form in plastic surgery and no two surgeons are alike in either the technique they use or their artistic talent to deliver the best result.

Postoperatively, skin care using pulsed light lasers for treating pigment spots and vascularity and dermal fillers like Restylane® and neurotoxins such as BOTOX® can accentuate the results but are not required in all patients. These non-invasive techniques do not substitute for well performed surgery though many surgeons will try to mask the lesser results they get from “mini” surgical procedures with these adjunctive treatments.

Look carefully at many results from different doctors to see what would give you the greatest happiness.

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