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Breast Lift Before Pregnancy

It is usually better to wait until after pregnancy for a breast lift because if you undergo a breast lift now, a future pregnancy may undo the results achieved after a breast lift. However, despite this factor, many women choose to undergo breast lift before pregnancy their breasts have extensive sagginess that causes physical or emotional discomfort.

What to Consider

  • Timing is the first and probably most important factor to consider – initial recovery after a breast lift from a qualified surgeon is quick, but full healing will still take months, and you should give yourself a good year after surgery before moving forward with pregnancy plans.
  • Weight is the second big factors I tell my patients to consider. Weight fluctuations during and after pregnancy are normal, and it’s important to remember that different women respond differently to pregnancy. If you already have uncomfortably sagging breasts, or if large breasts are already a problem for you, then a breast lift before pregnancy may be a perfectly appropriate solution to make your breasts perkier and more comfortable before those changes create extra problems.

The big question most women need to ask if they are thinking of having a breast enhancement procedure before children is: will the results be worth it now, even if the pregnancy process undermines the results later on?

Women who are experiencing the kind of breast discomfort that usually requires a combination lift-augmentation will probably answer with a strong “yes,” but many women with milder sagginess will need to talk with their doctor and evaluate their plans carefully, especially if they are thinking of having children soon. There is no way of predicting exactly how your breasts will respond to pregnancy, and other than maintaining a stable weight and health habits, there’s not much you can do to prevent pregnancy from creating some change to your shape.

From my perspective, it all comes down to your goals: for some women, a breast lift before pregnancy is completely worthwhile and recommended, but for the majority of women it is best to wait until after completing your family, when you will be better prepared for surgery and longer-lasting results.

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