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Are You a Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

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Not every woman who wants to increase her breast size is interested in getting implants. Did you know that fat transfer breast augmentation offers a natural alternative to enhancing your curves, without the need for silicone or saline implants? Like every cosmetic procedure, though, fat transfer augmentation isn’t right for every patient. Here’s a closer look at which women make the best candidates.

You Have a Little Extra Fat

Since fat transfer augmentation begins with liposuction, women who want this procedure will need to have some extra fat deposits, ideally around the belly or the inner thigh area. During your procedure, the fat cells in these donor areas are removed using gentle suction, and are then transferred to the breasts via injection for very natural-looking results. Women with very slender or athletic frames may not have sufficient fatty deposits for collecting donor cells.

You Want Contouring, Not a Huge Cup Size

The outcome of fat transfer augmentation depends on a number of different factors, and not every woman will see the same results. For this reason, the women who are happiest with the outcome of this procedure are those who are interested in improving the contours of their breasts or gaining only a modest cup size or so. Women who want a dramatic breast size increase likely will need to choose implants instead.

You Prefer a Natural Approach

Implants are not lifetime devices, and may require additional procedures down the road, including regular MRI scans or eventual implant replacement. Fat transfer offers a low-maintenance yet lasting solution to breast enhancement, one that doesn’t require involved follow-ups later on. Since your own tissue is used rather than an implant, any concerns over deflation, rupture or capsular contracture are eliminated. This makes fat transfer augmentation the only truly natural choice for breast enlargement.

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